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Recent Parking Survey
AnC Planning has completed a car parking survey at Ashwood/Ashburton, Doncaster (near the public library) and Clayton (near Westall shopping area) for a period of one week. 

Traffic count frequency is two hours from 11 am to 9pm. Tabulated data or report will be available to purchase from AnC Planning. Please send your enquiries to

The Victorian government has recently tabled the Recognising Objectors Bill 2015 in Parliament. The bill seeks to strengthen the Planning and Environment Act 1987 requiring responsible authorities and VCAT to have regard to the number of objectors to a permit application and to whether the proposal may have .

What is it? With effect from 1st July 2015, you have to pay the Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) if you want to apply for a planning permit to develop land in metropolitan Melbourne and the estimated cost of the development for which the permit is required is more than $1 million.