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Planning Applications
Preparation and submission of a range of planning applications for council approval. (advertising signage, application amendments, car parking waiver/reduction, change of use, commercial and industrial, covenant removal and variation, building additions and alterations, development in a Heritage Overlay, liquor licence, mixed use and development, developments in Green Wedge, subdivision, vegetation removal, multi-dwellings, apartments/town houses, places of worship).

Preparation and submission of VicSmart applications.

Negotiation with responsible/referral authorities.

Project Co-ordination
Co-ordination of projects with designers, land surveyors, landscape designers, environmentalists, waste management specialists, traffic/acoustic/hydraulic/structural/drainage and civil engineers.

Planning Appeals
Lodging appeals with the VCAT.
Written and oral submissions.

Building Design
Full range of building design solutions.

Planning Enforcement
Advice on enforcement notices.
Handling enforcements procedures with relevant Council and/or Magistrate Court.
Appealing to VCAT against enforcements actions.

Liquor Licence
Processing liquor licence applications (planning applications) with councils.
Processing liquor licence applications with VCGLR.
Cumulative impact assessment.

Car Parking Assessment
Parking occupancy survey.
Car parking demand assessment report.

Other services
Written representation in support or objection to a development application.
Response to further information requests.
Response to Condition 1 plans (Plans to comply with conditions).
Advice on refusal/information requests etc.
Undertaking planning application sub-contract.